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A Guide to Running a Sports Fundraiser Through Your Business

  Permits Unless you’re hosting this event on private land you or a friend of the business owns, you’ll need to first get the relevant permits to host an event in a public space. To do this, you’ll need to contact your local council and give them a detailed breakdown of the event so that they know what to expect. This will include a health and safety assessment, how your event might impact the local environment, and the benefits you think your event will have on the local community. Catering and Refreshments If people are engaging in physical activity, you must provide them with refreshments to make sure they can replenish themselves after the event. Not only do you need to think about those taking part in the event, but also spectators who have come to support friends, your business, and so on. This will also need to be factored into your event planning breakdown for the council, and you might want to hire local catering companies to bring food trucks to sell food at this event. If yo